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Advantages Of Using Vita Pac Refrigerated Potatoes vs. The Competition

1) Cut fresh daily

2) Easy access to plant off of interstate I-75

3) We specialize in fresh cut vegetables and process, sliced, diced and shredded hash browns

4) State of the art facility that was designed and built specifically for fresh cut vegetables

5) Fully cooked.  Our cooked hash browns are nearly 100% cooked, compared to other refrigerated potato companies that are less cooked and could have a hard, raw texture after browning

6) Experience -  Nearly 10 years in cooked potatoes and nearly 60 years in fresh cut potato distribution

7) 21 day shelf life.  Like some of the competition, but a fresher product day in and day out, because we don't store product and we process locally.  The competitor's product can be seven days old by the time you receive it.  Vita Pac products will be received by the end user generally within 24 hours from the time it is processed

8) Flexibility - With nearly 60 years in produce and potato processing, we still have a staff that is flexible to provide you with the best quality, price and service to custom fit your needs

Less preparation time
Less moisture
Improved yield
Saves freezer space

Less preparation and cooking time
Less product waste / 100% usable
Less chance of injury
More consistent quality
Superior eye appeal
Improved portion control
Less storage and spoilage

Less preparation time

Superior eye appeal


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