Food Safety and Quality  

Pellerito Foods Packaging

Pellerito Foods is always working to provide our customers with the freshest cut processed vegetables available.  Through years of testing, evaluation and analyzing of the various vegetables and their characteristics, we have developed new packaging and handling procedures for all of our processed vegetables.  This has enabled us to provide the freshest processed vegetables.

Our new "Loose Pack" allows the product to "Breathe" and prevents the product from bruising or crushing as the old "Brick Pack" had done.  Once a product is bruised it decreases shelf life and immediately starts to breakdown and becomes unusable.

We have also worked closely with various packaging companies to increase shelf life by developing bags that have the proper oxidation rates for each of our fresh cut vegetables.

Thank you for continually choosing Pellerito Foods for your fresh cut vegetable needs.

We would like to hear from you regarding any comments you have about this new packaging.

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