Product Usage


Handling Procedures for Fresh Cut Vegetables

Handling Overview
- Store at 34 - 36 degrees, each degree higher reduced shelf life
- Maximize shelf life with proper refrigeration
- Keep time out of refrigeration to a minimum
- Store product in original bags or shipping cartons
- Do not store product in direct air flow from cooler fans

Quality issues to watch for
The following are some of the quality issues that affect fresh-cut vegetables.  Finding defective pieces in a bag doesn't mean the entire bag is unusable.  Use your best judgment in evaluating to what degree the product is affected and eliminate objectionable pieces when necessary.  Our strict processing standards and customized breathable packaging films work together to maximize the shelf life of fresh-cut product quality.

Wetness in the bag
Ideal storage temperature is 34 degrees.  Every 10 degree increase in temperature causes the product to respire two times faster.  Wetness can be linked to temperature abuse which causes the product to respire and deteriorate at a faster rate.

White/brown discoloration
A white (and eventually brown) discoloration along the cut edges of the product is generally caused by too much oxygen in the bag.  The normal cause of this is the presence of a hole in the bag (no matter how small).  To avoid this problem, keep the product in the original box until ready to use.

Off smell
A sweet smell occurs when a film (bag) starves the product of oxygen which disrupts normal vegetable metabolism.  The resulting oxygen/carbon dioxide mix leads to a "fruity" aroma and a bitter taste.  Lower respiration (through proper temperature control) will minimize this problem.

No need to wash
All fresh-cut products from Pellerito Foods go through a proprietary process which washes all cut products with chlorinated water.  Along with a sterile environment , when packaged, our products are clean and ready to use.  No additional washing is needed.  In order to minimize cross contamination, we highly recommend that our products be used as is.  In the event that a shiny wet look is desirable, misting with a spray bottle filled with cold water is very effective.

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